Sunday, April 29, 2007

Keep the fires burning here

Slowly growing, I think -- a new addition (Gina Abarno) and at least two more promised.

Today was Gerry's son's communion so we saw Aunt Jean, Gerry and Ed, Frannie and Joe, Gina, Nick and Carol, etc. Fran and Carol said they wanted to sign up so that's two more.

Nice day -- brunch at a place called the Three Village Inn. Beautiful location and great food, good day seeing everyone and the younger Nicky can shoot some ball.

Earlier this week, Robert was out in Joisey to gut and resheetrock a room in the house. He and his friend Sonny managed to take it down to studs, rerock, spackle and install a laminate floor in less than four days. Quite the speedy workers.

That is all for now. Read my regular blog, Channel Surfing (I couldn't help offering a plug).

Go Mets!

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