Wednesday, April 25, 2007

loosing momentum

really no news to post, but saw no blogs for a while so what the heck. i am guaranteed to get on the end of the month b/c that's when i pay the bills, so here i am.

very envious of the rum, cigar vacation, golf vacation. haven't had one of those in about 5 yrs. and Annie, if you haven't found a house yet, email or call me (thats faster), Tim has an uncle down there who i believe has a friend who rents out his house. i'll find out if you are interested.

only other big news is that i am getting a swing set delivered tomorrow and the kids faces will be pasted to the sliding glass doors while the guys install it. i hope they are fast....


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Annie said...

Hi Dina,

Thanks for the offer but we already rented a house. We're going from May 20th to the 27th. We found an 8 bedroom in Corolla NC that is pet friendly. We're taking our dog on her first vacation. Susan & Natalie are coming with us for the week and my sister-in-law Ana and the 3 kids, my in-laws from Vegas, friend of ours and Robert & Nina are coming for 1/2 the week. I can't wait to get away!

I will definitely keep your offer in mind for next year!

Hope the kids are enjoying the swing set. :-)